If the Enigma is the true, original form of The Other, as some have theorized, this would mean that Lucrezia herself at one point became posessed by the Other. Since we see Lucrezia attempting to become good at one point, and this is apparently sincere, because she only drugs Klaus' drink, and spirits him to parts unknown (presumed to be Skifander for a number of reasons), rather than killing him with a lethal poison, her posession by the Other would have had to have taken place after that point.

In that case, the Other in posession of Lucrezia has full access to Lucrezia's prior memories.

But the Lucrezia personality posessing Agatha cannot remember things known only to Agatha, nor can Agatha remember things known only to Lucrezia.

The fact that the Summoning Engine was imperfectly constructed at the time Agatha had the Lucrezia personality applied to her could be an explanation of this. However, since Lucrezia appears to find her inability to access Agatha's memories as normal, it appears this theory does not completely fit what we know so far.

It has been suggested that the errors in the reconstruction of the device made it necessary to find Lucrezia's daughter, Agatha, before it could be used effectively. The fact that the device was apparently used on every female Spark the Geisterdamen could capture would seem to support this, but on the other hand it appears the Geisterdamen were only expecting it to work on Lucrezia's daughter, which would imply that this is normal behavior for the device.

Throne Of Faustus Heterodyne/Lucrezia's Personality Implanting Device. Connection? These two Sparky devices are obviously similar. Both are used to store a person's intellect in a machine. Faustus used this to replicate his personality to run Castle Heterodyne, Lucrezia used hers for a darker purpose.

Could Lucrezia have copied the tech for her personality implant device from Faustus' Throne? Could this have been the true purpose of her marriage to Bill? --Bosda Di'Chi 13:38, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

Could Lucrezia have attempted to use the Throne, and thus created an imperfect copy of Faustus--i,e. The Other? If so, the control of the Geisterdamen would simply be a case of co-opting an existing myth.--Bosda Di'Chi 14:11, January 12, 2012 (UTC)

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