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Sun Mingmei, along with her twin sister Sun Daiyu, is the daughter of adventurers and granddaughter of a doctor who is also a very strong Spark. She has a good chance of being a Spark herself.

Mingmei was a student on board the Castle Wulfenbach, almost certainly because of the friendship between her grandfather and Baron Wulfenbach. She is a fencer, although of undetermined talent[1]; she quickly volunteers to go help Gil and Agatha fight Slaver warrior bugs[2]. After Agatha's escape from the Castle, she was sent home as were the other students, to reappear (probably) much later in a different context.

She remains tantalizingly unnamed in the canon, at least during her days in the Dormitory, but had information revealed in an update of the Cast List. In the tradition of Asian naming practices, her family name appears first.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Mingmei and Daiyu ended up being twin sisters -instead of a single character- by accident. According to Kaja, this was an error on her part -- she forgot she had already given her a name -- but "since it matters not a bit as far as the plot is concerned" she decided to resolve the situation with a LiveJournal poll. Her favorite option, twins, is apparently the Internet's favorite option as well. [3]


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