Susa is a diminutive blonde woman, standing at most a foot high. She achieved this status via the experiments of the size-obsessed and presumably late Doctor Quintus Varangius, though it is unclear if she was reduced from normal human stature or brought into the world as she currently is. Her "lab sister" is the giantess Gritha Pantagruel.

When introduced into the story post-Timeskip, she works as a spy and scout in the employ of the new Baron Wulfenbach Gil, partnered with the normal-sized and (evidently) human male Woger. They are assigned their missions by Gil's spy-mistress Oglavia Spüdna. Returning from one such mission, they give a report to Gil on their witnessing the Revenant infestation of the remote town of Hraggel's Point via the use of new miniature Hive Engines created by one Count Harken Maganox; the Slaver Wasps that are spewed from these devices are small enough that they presumably would have worked on even Susa, if she had not previously been given a dose of anti-Revenant formula by Gil. The two spies escaped the scene with a confiscated Engine, at the cost of Woger's arm getting damaged by a pack of Revenants.

To date this scene is the only appearance of her and Woger in the strip.