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Tarvek Watch
Tarvek, master artificer, student of Van Rijn notes, builder of muse-like clanks, has a mirror that appears from the back to be a watch.

Ever wonder what else his watch can do?

Future evidence has been found:

How to get to Mechanicsburg from Sturmhalten
Pocketwatch Transformer01:06

Pocketwatch Transformer

However, in the actual comic scene in which it appears , we are given no evidence that the device in Tarvek's hand is anything beyond a mirrored pocketwatch or pocketwatched mirror, depending on your perspective. Tarvek tells Veilchen that he uses it to unobtrusively watch what is going on behind him. However, following Veilchen's departure, Tarvek mutters that the next time Veilchen wants to sneak up on someone, he should try a route other than sewers — which suggests that the watch may not have been the prime giveaway to the Smoke Knight's presence.

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