These are inaccessible to Europans, proverbially so. However, they must not be entirely inaccessible, since the Heterodyne Boys are known to have adventured for a time with an American Spark named Thundering Engine Woman[1], who travelled through Europa and became extremely popular there. Her current whereabouts are not attested, but it seems likely that she went home while the getting was good.

One Professor Vogel has devoted a good deal of time and effort to rediscovering the Americas, with interesting results. He, or an associate, has sought volunteers among the students at Transylvania Polygnostic University, but unfortunately for him they're not that stupid .

Hristo Tiktoffen was apparently working for a group called the "Sons of Franklin," suggesting that there is still some sort of American influence on modern Europa.


  1. Not to be confused with the actress who pretended to be her in Master Payne's Circus of Adventure

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