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The Beast is a living sapient train built by Agatha's grandfather Saturnus Heterodyne.

Description Edit

As described by the Corbettite Monk Brother Ulm, The Beast is "capricious, ravenous and proud", traits which it apparently shares with its late creator. Additionally, the train longs to roam the world at its leisure, sampling whatever catches its interest in the process. All of that said, and despite threats to the contrary, in Heterodyne terms it is surprisingly restrained in its intentional direct attacks against defenseless organic life.

Once upon a time, the train moved like a snake without the need for rails, would burrow through the ground, and did rear the upper part of its body into the air. It could power itself by devouring (at a minimum) coal, oil, metal and wood, but actions performed implied that metal is it's preferred meal, and it was aided in this hunt by an ability to drag in all types of metallic items via powerful magnetism . It had been observed voluntarily absorbing the rearmost section of itself and re-configure that material to grant itself additional "facial" features ex: four extra eyes, or even form new front "arms". Inside the head car (best described as the face of The Beast) rested a small spherical object that served (there are indications the sphere might still serve) as it's mind.

The Beast's mind now travels around as a simple menace to the world inside a new body, described somewhere in the Beast today section of this page.

History Edit

Upon being created, the Beast was given by Saturnus to the Corbettites to use on their railway network. Unfortunately, conflict erupted between the two: as noted, the Beast preferred to roam freely, instead of being a "stupid" train/slave running on roundabout paths and obeying boring fiddly little schedules set up by an order of obsessive rule-abiding monks. Then there was the Beast's ravenous and proud nature, causing the monks extreme difficulty talking it into only consuming the fuel it needed rather than chowing down on intriguing bits of scenery. This difference of opinion finally came to eye sparkles (Examples include death glare, glint of madness, static electricity mysteriously connecting two enemies in an intimate moment. You know, eye sparkles.), and the monks tricked the Beast with promises of coal to trap it inside a vault deep below their Depot Fortress of St. Szpac.

The Beast Today Edit


Meet the new beast…

The Beast appears in the comic when Auntie whats-her-name arranges events so that she (and incidentally Agatha and Co.) are admitted into St. Szpac, allowing her to gain unauthorized access to the Beast's vault. (Though it appears that the Beast is not her intended target, and releasing it gets her unceremoniously and lethally swatted aside.) Once free, the Beast begins gleefully rampaging through the fortress in search of revenge on the monks and/or food to devour, seeking especially metal. When confronted by the newly-arrived Martellus/Tweedle/Squashy while destroying the fortress's kitchen, it nearly kills him by pulling in his prosthetic hand; upon meeting Agatha it expresses interest in the fact that she claims the Heterodyne name, and is willing to talk to her, but, unlike Castle Heterodyne, it ultimately refuses to believe that she is a member of the family and shows no inclination to obey her commands.

Using manual magnetic field shapers Agatha, and the Corbettites stop the Beast, for a few moments, but ultimately it is able to shrug off the combined assaults of Agatha, Tweedle, the Monks, and even magnetism expert Count Wolkerstorfer. It finally takes a swarm-attack by Krosp's newly-acquired and metal-free army of Swartzwalders to stop the Beast from moving. The Fortress's resident clank Humongulus also assists, allowing the Beast to be separated from its fuel/extra cars, and its cab ripped open, apparently by magnetism [1], giving Brother Ulm access to its brain, which he yanks from its socket, resulting in an explosion.

Agatha then sets out to make amends , helping the Monks finish construction on a sparky new super-train. As this new vehicle heads to Paris, it is revealed its controlling intellect is a transferred Brother Ulm, with the Beast's new incarnation unwillingly brought along as a powerless instructor/back-seat driver.

As seen above, this version of the Beast is a roughly baseball-sized sphere with two arms, one glowing central eye and a smokestack. There is no confirmation that the object brother Ulm pulled out moments prior to his death and this new body of the Beast's are the same, though along with their similar size, a gold pattern covering the anterior superior caudal (where the hair would be) appears on both objects.

Agatha disconnects the Beast from the Ulm-train before entering Paris, and (evidently) gives it a pair of legs. The now-mobile Beast accompanies her into the city without observed protest and can be seen watching an amusing marionette show and then working on some sort of diagram or equation with a similar-sized piece of Castle Heterodyne's mind which Agatha also acquires.


  1. Although the damage inflicted by Humongulus when he grabs the Beast after rising from the elevator shaft may have played a role as well.

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