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The Black Heterodyne Edit

Little is known about the Black Heterodyne except that he was a very early member of the House Heterodyne, and that his tomb has a caution against opening it. This may fall in line with the rumor of an undead Heterodyne. More evidence comes to light when the Castle tells the story of the "miraculous" waters of the spring called Dyne, from which the Dyne River was "coaxed" by Egregious Heterodyne, to the destruction of the first Heterodyne castle. A very dark-haired member of the original raiding party drank the waters despite the warning of the local priestesses, who told him that even mere immersion would result in a horrible, insane, death. (Or occasionally miraculous healing.) We know he liked it, and that it made his teeth grow instantly. Later, as a river, it even grew long pointed teeth on ducks.

Black Duckula

It seems reasonable (if any of this can be so-called) that this Heterodyne could both be called "Black" (by temperament and hair color) and have been rendered almost invincible/immortal. Not a tomb one would want opened!

People who support this theory: Altgorl 07:39, November 10, 2009 (UTC)

Or, he's just a vampire.--Bosda Di'Chi 14:36, January 6, 2012 (UTC)
People who support this theory: Bosda Di'Chi

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