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Welcome to the Girl Genius Wiki, a fan-created resource for the fabulous gaslamp fantasy comic, and now a fabulous webcomic, produced by Studio Foglio.

If you are new to Girl Genius you may find A (Spoiler Free) Guide for New Girl Genius Readers to be helpful.

Congratulations to Kaja Foglio, Phil Foglio, Cheyenne Wright and everyone at Studio Foglio for winning the first three Hugo awards in the Best Graphic Story category. [1]

Girl Genius is an epic graphic novel published online for free every M-W-F. Any entry here may contain spoilers for the current storyline. So if you somehow arrived here first, head over to the first page and start reading! The guy in the bowler hat is Professor Phil Foglio himself.


A new Girl Genius Kickstarter project to print volume 13, Agatha Heterodyne and the Sleeping City, is now in progress. The Kickstarter has already reached the base funding goal in well under 24 hours. Six stretch goals have been announced and the first three have already been achieved.

Girl Genius and the Rats of Mechanicsburg is available for iOS in the App Store and some Android devices on Google Play. All Kickstarter backers should get an email by March 27 with the unlock code for their bonus content. See the Kickstarter update or this Girl Genius Adventures blog entry by Kaja for more details.

A deck for a card game called Pairs, featuring art by Phil and Kaja Foglio, as well as an additional deck featuring art by Cheyenne Wright, will be produced by Cheapass Games.

The Girl Genius main story has started up again. It has now entered Act 2, and the volume number has been reset to 1.

Girl Genius and the Rats of Mechanicsburg is now in Beta for iOS devices. An Android version should soon follow. As announced by programmer and project manager Stephen Beeman, "the goal is to release [for] Android and iOS simultaneously."

Volume XIII: Agatha Heterodyne and the Sleeping City was complete as of Friday, December 27, 2013. Phil Foglio announced the title in his blog on December 28, 2013. He also announced that he and Kaja are taking a two month break. They will return to updating the main story on March 3, 2014. Until then, Christopher Baldwin will be filling in by illustrating the first Girl Genius radio play the Foglios ever did.

Version 2 of the Girl Genius Paper Doll App is available at the Apple store. New high-resolution Girl Genius Paper Dolls have been available for a while now

New ReleasesEdit

Volume XII has been printed and is available in softcover from the TopatoCo online store and in PDF format from DriveThruComics. All of the previous volumes have been reprinted, so the all volume bundle is available again. Updated editions of most Girl Genius PDFs are available at the DriveThru Comics store (including the newly available Volume XI PDF and the color edition of Volume I). See studio news on Girl Genius Adventures for updates. The Girl Genius Novelization is proceeding. The second book is available in hard cover, paperback, electronic, and audiobook formats.


  1. 2009 Hugo for Best Graphic Story of 2008
       • 2010 Hugo for Best Graphic Story of 2009
       • 2011 Hugo for Best Graphic Story of 2010

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Quite some time ago , the frightening and mysterious Von Pinn revealed some fascinating details about her construction, her loyalties, and her relationship to Lucrezia Mongfish. What exactly can we deduce from what she said?

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May 31, 2009 Quadibloc wrote down some of his thoughts and predictions on the storyline.

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The fine print
  • This site is not approved by, sponsored by, or affiliated with Studio Foglio, LLC or Airship Entertainment. This site contains portions of images clipped from the comic. Since they found us and linked to us (eeeee!), we hope this means our use of clipped images is "fair". No copyright infringement is intended. (See Copyrights) Of course, as TPU students, we strive for utmost accuracy and being absolutely, positively non-biased in our research on the early life of Agatha Heterodyne. Especially where the powerful, brilliant, perfectly reasonable, charming, dashingly handsome Baron is concerned. (Did we mention reasonable?) Any inaccuracies or omissions are the fault of our textbooks, we swear.
  • If you remember What's New with Phil and Dixie, the guy in the bowler hat may look familiar.
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