The Great Movement Chamber is the power source of Castle Heterodyne. A closely guarded secret, sometimes even kept from the Heterodynes themselves, the Chamber is one of the lowest interior spaces of the Castle. We first see it as Agatha drops in from the ceiling .

The Heterodynes have built more than one castle around the source of The Dyne, but Faustus Heterodyne was the first to discover how to harness the curious properties of the Dyne water as an energy source, and presumably it is he who built the Great Movement Chamber. The river flows through the Chamber, where the Castle extracts everything useful from it (aside from the water itself). After passing through the Chamber, the Dyne water no longer produces "any interesting effects at all," like spontaneously generated Jägerente, [1] much to the Castle's disappointment.

In addition to a formidable water wheel and several storage vessels, the Great Movement Chamber contains systems that provide the "motive force" for many of the Castle's functions and devices, including steam-turbines that power the Many-Brushed Birdbaths.

It is currently unknown if the black level item's effect field reached into this chamber.


  1. Jägerente (german): Hunter-Duck.

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