"Why do I even have one of those?"

--Agatha Heterodyne

The Happy Fun Ball of Death first appears as Agatha, Gil, Tiktoffen and Zola attempt to make their way to Agatha's lab/surgery . A large metal ball covered in protruding metal spikes rolls toward them, entirely filling the corridor. Tiktoffen's comment, "Huh. I wondered where that went on Tuesdays," suggests that it makes a regular circuit through various areas of the castle as a mobile death trap. Nevertheless, both Gil (with Zola) and Agatha (with Tiktoffen) succeed in escaping it . Afterwards, we see a sign with a mechanical timer counting down to the ball's next appearance. (Its regularity may explain why Tiktoffen was not particularly shocked by it.) The signboard states that THE HAPPY FUN BALL of DEATH WILL RETURN IN 6 days 23 hrs 4[9] mins. (The last digit is obscured but is presumably 9 as the readout's second least significant digit appears to be changing from 5 to 4 -- or possibly from 4 to 3).

The naming scheme is reminiscent of another of the castle's contents: Fun-Sized Mobile Agony and Death Dispensers.

Possibly Relevant Outside Information Edit

  • Happy fun ball (do not taunt).
  • Some fans perceived a resemblance to the cleaners which appear in the movie Labyrinth.
  • Bleach also features patrolling juggernauts similar to those in Labyrinth and by extention to the Happy Fun Ball.
  • There is also a striking resemblance, albeit sans spikes, to the giant boulder which pursued Indiana Jones in a Peruvian temple.

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