"—and when I asked him if that was a wrench in his pocket—"

The Socket Wench of Prague is a play in the Heterodyne show canon. We don't know much of anything about the plot, but it does feature Lucrezia as well as the Heterodyne Boys and Klaus, who finishes the play wearing his pants on his head. Barry totes around a giant screwdriver, while The High Priestess is evidently the (final) possessor of the eponymous wrench. The script also apparently calls for a catfight in a grease vat and is considered to be rather risque . In fact, Abner suggested putting on this play so that the Circus would be immediately run out of town, thereby allowing them to pass as quickly as possible through Sturmhalten and keep Moxana hidden.

Unfortunately, they didn't anticipate that Aaronev would request this play specifically (because the character of Lucrezia has some very commanding lines ). He also asked them to tart it up . D'oh.

According a snippet of the play's script included in the novel Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess, it also features the character of a mysterious Stranger; it is deeply worrying, at least to Lucrezia, when it comes time to remove the garments in question, this enigmatic individual reveals that he is already not wearing any pants.[1]


  1. A joking reference on the Foglios' part to a similar scene in the fictional play The King In Yellow, as included in the novel of the same name by Robert W. Chambers.

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