High priestess (vision)

A vision of the High Priestess

Antony has Cleopatra, Abelard has Heloise, Don Quixote has Dulcinea, Bill has Lucrezia, even Arthur Dent eventually gets Fenchurch, but who does Barry have?

Is his contribution to House Heterodyne supposed to be, if not Platonic, still only Aristotelian (or Archimedean)?

The fact is that, as far as we know, Agatha's Uncle Barry never brought home any potential aunts[1] for her.

But when telling one of the Heterodyne stories, well, you can bet most of the audience hasn't even heard of Archimedes, or if they have, they probably have the entirely wrong impression about his excellent screw.

High priestess (hallucination)

Rivet (maybe), in costume and perceived through Wishful Thinking

On the other hand[2], with various wars creating chronic underpopulation, you certainly don't want to give even aspiring engineers the impression that lacking a partner on the distaff[3] is acceptable.

So, there has to be someone for Barry[4].

The High Priestess is usually considered to be a (meta)fictional character that exists mainly in Heterodyne stories. Whereas Bill always ends up with Lucrezia, Barry gets this exotic soubrette.[5]

Depictions of the High Priestess Edit

Pix preferred to play the High Priestess (Pix' complexion is quite light).

A High Priestess (played by whom? Rivet?) appears with the hallucination Heterodynes at the end of Volume VI.

Presumably this character is not to be confused with Lady Vrin, who is also a high priestess, to the Other/Lucrezia Mongfish. On the other hand, you never know.

On the gripping hand, popular fan theory[6] holds that the High Priestess of legend is the Geisterdamen traitor, Milvistle, whose presumed ecclesiastical rank would have been blurred in the retelling.

The Works contains no "high priestess" (nor any Geisterdamen cards). It does have a card for "You Know, Her" who may be "The High Priestess" in some sense. The portrait is full-color, implying a character who may appear in the main storyline rather than only in flashbacks.

High priestess (pix)

Pix in "Socket Wench of Prague", Sturmhalten


As An Aside Edit

Pix's costume in the Sturmhalten production of The Heterodyne Boys and the Socket Wench of Prague is very nearly identical to the depiction of Agatha as Magna Scientia in the Studio Foglio Christmas ornament offering (and occasional wallpaper).


  1. Given what we know of her mother, keeping Hymenoptera away from Agatha was probably for the best
  2. or wherever
  3. Why do nice guys not get the girl? Because regular girls are looking for crooks.
  4. The above two paragraphs are for amusement only, no serious analysis should be based on them.
  5. soubrette: in a comic plays, a minor female role as a pert flirtatious lady's maid; maybe not the best word.
  6. Erm... it's here somewhere, I know I've seen it...

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