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The Gateway to the Shadow World (the "Lady's Gateway") was a device built by Lucrezia Mongfish, apparently in her laboratory in Castle Heterodyne, for the purposes of bringing the Geisterdamen from their world to hers (known by the Ghost Ladies as "the Shadow World"). The only other access known at this time was located near the secret base and summer home of the Mongfish family. Whether this other access was a natural phenomenon or an artefact built by someone else is unknown at this time.
The gateway and plans, burning
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The gateway was destroyed by disbelievers among the Geisterdamen, most notably the Loremistress Milvistle. It seems very likely, once accounts are coordinated , that this action took place just before the attack on the Castle and may have been related to the massive destruction.

In the aftermath of the damage, the High Priestess Vrin was able to reconstruct the Summoning Engine with Prince Aaronev's help[1], but was not able to rebuild the gateway to return to her homeland. Quite obviously, the techniques for building shk-mah generators (Hive engines) was also retained in some way.

This state of exile seems to be coming to a close, as the Geisterdamen have an avatar of their goddess with them now who can rebuild the gateway from their new base, wherever the tunnels of the Sturmhalten Deepdown might have taken them.


  1. "You and Wilhelm had it put together all wrong, dear."
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