The Other War is so called not to distinguish it from some better-known original Europian wars, but because the enemy (of pretty much everyone) was the mysterious Other. The first battle, if something so apparently one-sided can be describe as a "battle", was an attack on Castle Heterodyne, in which the Lady Lucrezia Mongfish Heterodyne disappeared for reasons still unknown, among many other casualties[1] — including infant Heterodyne heir Klaus Barry. The Other primarily targeted sparks all over Europa, working through revenants, and managed to exterminate forty-three major houses and terrorize the whole continent.[2] a turning point was the destruction of the 39th spark house a Lord Womack, the so-called "Lightening Eater". Bill and Barry Heterodyne appear to have led the resistance while searching for Lucrezia.

The war ended about a year later, concurrent with the Heterodyne Boys' disappearance, but after nearly two decades the aftershocks still haven't died away.[3] Leftover revenants roamed the countryside until the Baron returned from exile in a very bad mood (and even after he eliminated those, there turned out much later to be a distressing number of sleepers); the disruption of the status quo must have been a major factor in the reigning violent chaos that prompted him to go conquering.[4]


  1. "Sixty-three of them [Castle Heterodyne staff] died that night."
  2. "People thought it was the end days."
  3. "Few can control their emotions."
  4. "Things were worse than ever."

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