Udsigt over Aalborg fra Skovbakken

Aalborg (Real World)


Philosopher King

The Philosopher King of the University of Aalborg, mentioned here , but not shown, has sent 2,000 men, four airships and two Shock Cannons to Mechanicsburg, presumably to pick up the pieces after Klaus clashes with the Heterodyne Heir. Apparently, the Philospher King expects them to destroy one another. The University of Aalborg is, presumably, situated somewhere in the Old Smatterburg Duchies. Aalborg itself is a real city in Denmark, but "Smatterburg" is not a real world name. This may or may not be a power grab by the Philospher King. He may only be interested in holding Europa together and avoiding a general war.

Real World informationEdit

The University of Aalborg was founded in 1974. Tech College Alborg though was founded in 1805. So the Girl Genius version is probably an artistic mixing of the two.

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