Even pink airships loom pretty well

The subject of this article, referred to in the text of the story as the Pink Airship, but not by an actual name, is apparently owned by and registered to Baron Oublenmach and his partner Strinbeck.

The ship has been noted by Vanamonde to be a vessel of a recent type, constructed in Stockholm, and can be ordered in any available color. Pink was chosen to match the dress worn by Zola, and was presumably chosen for her dress as part of a calculated plan make her as appealling as an apparent Heterodyne heir as possible[1]. The ship also bore false Heterodyne trilobite insignia for purposes of this plot.

Chapel's fantasy

The Castle Chapel's fantasy memory

Oublenmach and Strinbeck have been revealed , subsequent to their main appearance in the story, to have been working for Tarvek's father and his men (presumably the Knights of Jove).

Its Captain has not yet been identified by name. Various other crew have been seen and named, but only for Kraddok, and one other very minor character, Keller , another member of the day crew, can we definitely match the name to the face.

It was last seen ditching the torchmen by flying rapidly away from Mechanicsburg, and apparently successfully reaching a distance of approximately two leagues (i.e., ten kilometers, the radius that Agatha, unwittingly following Heterodyne tradition, specified to her section of Castle Heterodyne to clear of airships) outside of Mechanicsburg. But just as it did so, it then became transfixed in the searchlights of Castle Wulfenbach.

This would appear to indicate that the next time we see the crew of the Pink Airship, they will have been taken prisoner aboard Castle Wulfenbach, but there are other opinions on this matter, and so it cannot definitely be said at this point but that they may manage to escape.


  1. Note that when a castle entity imagines Agatha giving orders , Agatha is dressed in pink.

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