The Refuge of Storms is a fortress belonging to the Knights of Jove and commanded by Martellus von Blitzengaard before his disappearance when Mechanicsburg is time-frozen by Baron Wulfenbach's use of his Take-Five Bomb. It is never made entirely clear who exactly is ultimately in charge of it during Martellus's absence, but upon his and Agatha's emerging from the Monolith Gate installed inside the Refuge, he cuts a bloody path through its rebellious inhabitants en route to regaining control. It is also unknown how long the fortress has existed, though Violetta describes it as being part of the same "defensive ring" as Sturmhalten, which would seem to indicate it is at least as old as the reign of the original Storm King. It now includes a concealed hideaway/lab that Martellus built by himself to keep its existence a secret, along with large subterranean hangers from which the battle-clank Knights of Jove are presumably launched.

First appearance (and Agatha's arrival): 2013-05-10 (Friday)

Named by Martellus von Blitzengaard: 2013-05-27 (Monday)

The Real Knights of Jove likely left from here: 2013-06-17 (Monday) also 2013-07-07 (Sunday) .

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