The Sneaky Gate is a secret entrance to Mechanicsburg. Jenka and da Boyz elect to bring Gil in through this gate after he calls down the lightning to defeat the Knights of Jove, even though it violates the agreement (presumably with Klaus) that the Jägers would not enter the city until a Heterodyne was in residence.

To Gil, the gate seems to appear out of nowhere, and the Jägers say that it will disappear just as completely in such a way that many readers have inferred that the Gate actually travels around. Given the nature of Castle Heterodyne, this is not impossible.

Fan definition Edit

The "Sneaky Gate" has come to be the codename for a way to access Girl Genius strips before the official release date, which involves some monkeying around with the dates on images. While rumor says that the Foglios don't mind if people do this, it's not something we wish to officially advocate.

Usually, the wait between the moment the file is uploaded and the moment the comic is officially online is less than four hours, so it's a bit pointless, but there are those few rare times when strips are uploaded days in advance. However, the stratagem to avoid a long wait, such as over a weekend, backfires when the fan then discovers that now they will have to wait even longer to get new content.

Furthermore, please note that the moderators of the Yahoo! mailing list consider the posting of advance spoilers to be verboten. Any such post will be deleted from the archive and you will have your posts moderated, which will seriously curtail your ability to participate (even with innocent messages). You will also lose your Moxana Points. The LiveJournal fan community (dormant, migrated to Dreamwidth) tends to be more tolerant of advance posts (at least the ones that are only a few hours ahead), so long as the post is contained behind an lj-cut tag and proper warning is given.

As this wiki intends to be useful to all GG fans, but especially to those who wish to engage in forensics concerning the canon, absolutely do not post any information on the wiki from unreleased pages. It will be "rolled back" here as well, and may lead to a user being banned.

Finis? Edit

As of 2017 operational Sneaky Gates have not been observed for some time. This is likely due to new posting automation used by the Professors, possibly implemented around the time they hired a business manager in 2013.

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