The Watch get the drop on the Wulfenbach visitors

The Watch is the name of the clank forces commanded by the Tyrant of Beetleburg (formerly Tarsus Beetle). Combined with the giant guardian of Transylvania Polygnostic University, Mr. Tock, they formed a chronographically-punny and tireless, but technologically stagnant,[1] security force, patrolling the town and campus.

The Watch are (were?) closer-to-human-sized versions of Mr. Tock, who in turn had a strong mechanical resemblance to Dr. Beetle. After the events of Merlot's brief, ill-fated tenure as administrator , there is a distinct possibility that the Watch may no longer be looking out for the safety of the good old TPU (or Beetleburg for that matter).

The WorksEdit

The Watch cards in The Works are labeled Dependable and Machines.


  1. "the best self-contained fighting machines on the planet — when they were new."

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