The Winslow has the appearance of a 66-cm plush alligator with a cheerful grin. However, there are claims that the Winslow is utterly indestructible and presumably immortal, and figures prominently one way or another into fully three-fourths of the galaxy's known religions.

Appearances in Girl Genius: Edit

Cover for volume 2-2. (sneak peek )

Origin of The Winslow Edit

Winslow and Phil

Don't look now, but...

The real Winslow really does live up to its legend. It arrived into the Foglio household by pure serendipity and has remained with them ever since, occasionally making a cameo appearance.

More information...Edit

The first origin comic can be seen here . More information can be found in Wikipedia: The Winslow which itself is derived from the pages of Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire. A good and detailed account of Winslow history can be found on comicvine

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