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"Girl Genius: The Works" is a strategic card game published in 2001 in which two or more players try to fix a "machine" and pop out pieces until one player wins. There are 108 cards in the deck, and 12 are played on a "board" at one time. The game is designed for ages 10 and up. The rules are available online as a PDF file.

The art is by the Professors Foglio, and all the characters and devices depicted are from Agatha's world[1] — some of which have not been encountered yet in the canon so far.

People are characterized as "Hero", "Villain", "Construct" and other categories; Baron Klaus Wulfenbach's card was one of the first sure confirmations that he was indeed a construct. Mimmoths and dingbots are described as "Pests". Airships and submarines have descriptives such as "Cute" and "Perky".

As in the canon itself, historical characters are depicted in sepia-tone instead of full color. Some of the as-yet-unrevealed and tantalizing characters are Hilde the librarian (who is also described as a Queen), Spad Buckforth, General Cannonhat (though we have briefly seen the remains of "those cannon-hat guys" ), and a few Skifandran-looking women.

"The Works" is long out of print and can be considered a collectors item. James Ernest and Cheapass Games produced it for the Studio.


  1. Indirect WoG: At Phil Foglio's Guest of Honor speech,… He also revealed that he has over a hundred characters planned for the Girl Genius storyline and that every character in the Girl Genius The Works game will appear in the story. This now seems like something of an underestimate.

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