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This Thundering Engine Woman (TEW for short) is a character in Master Payne's Circus of Adventure. Thundering Engine Woman was also the name of one of the Heterodyne Boys' traveling companions, a very strong Spark from the Americas who proved so popular in Europa that traveling Heterodyne shows found it useful to include her in their casts. However, the actress playing this role for Master Payne is not Native American at all, just a "nice Italian girl"GGCLAE with a convincing complexion and useful theatrical skills. She is helped in her portrayal by the fact that her grandfather had traveled the Americas, and she is a keen sharpshooter. As all of the performers do, she has other duties in Master Payne's Circus of Adventure, but her primary job is to be exotically foreign.

We first see her as a more or less random member of the circus cast, rejoicing in the fact that Bangladesh DuPree and Gilgamesh Wulfenbach didn't kill them all when they came calling to find out what was going on with Agatha Heterodyne. Her comments in the aftermath of the meeting with the Monster Horse Beastie imply that she probably is a spark specialized in some form of reanimation. She shows up again in the important sequence in Zumzum where Agatha first encounters Da Boyz. She helps explain to Agatha why Jägermonsters aren't as well received (to put it mildly) on the ground as they were aboard Castle Wulfenbach. Later still, TEW's sharpshooting skills come in handy during the unpleasantness at Passholdt.

Presumably she has now decamped to England along with the rest of the Circus.

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