A previous observation under less optimal conditions


Observation by Capt. B. DuPree

A time window is an extremely rare but widely-observable phenomenon (i.e., not limited to the perception of one individual) accompanied by strong electrical charges, arcing through metal objects in a fairly good-sized radius around the locus.

They appear as angled-off oval shapes framed in blue-white energy and permit sound to transmit at least from the up-timestream side of the window to the past; whether the down-timestream sounds may be heard on the other side is unknown.

There are implications that physical interaction between those viewing and those being viewed are possible.

Who created the device or craft which generates these windows is unknown, but per the observations of Captain Bangladesh DuPree, the technology will be in the hands of Agatha Heterodyne at some point in the future.

From this Talkshoe interview, it is revealed that the events surrounding the Enigma and these time windows will be resolved in the endgame of Girl Genius.

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