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The HEB Edit

The time windows look rather similar to -- if less ragged than -- the aperture that the hideous extradimensional being in Mechanicsburg is reaching through.

The Dragon from Mars Edit

It's worth mentioning that the "portal from Mars" in Theo's story The Heterodyne Boys and the Dragon from Mars is drawn in the same style as the time windows.

Blue Tint Edit

If the temporal physics behind the time windows have any affect on light, then it's possible that a doppler shift accounts for the blue color of the window and the figures inside.

Responses Edit

  • It could have been an artistic choice, done to set the portal apart from the surrounding reds.
  • It just looked nifty.
  • What color/style is used on time windows may have no relevance. But, when the chosen color/style is repeated, it's highly probably that similar events are being depicted. This logic is the most direct connection between Enigma's Works card, the time windows the Bangladesh DuPree reported , and the apparition Agatha saw in Volume I.

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