This was an event caused by the Take five device used by Klaus at the very end of the Siege of Mechanicsburg. The device froze time in the whole of Mechanicsburg, just as Agatha, her Wasp eater, Krosp, Tweedle and Violetta were going through a space-jump created by the Monolith. This resulted in the five of them being shoved two-and-one-half years into the future as well as being transported to The Refuge of Storms.

The timeskip ended both the struggle for Mechanicsburg and the The Storm King conspiracy. Everyone assumed that Agatha and the others were either trapped inside the frozen time field trapping Mechanicsburg or dead. Everyone who met them as they emerged in the Refuge of Storms was shocked to see them.

Referenced Events In-Story That Occurred During This First Timeskip Edit

  • The Order of the Knights of Jove was attacked by Gilgamesh and restricted in their activities as a key shadow-player.
  • After the take five bomb detonated, there arose multiple simultaneous active factions of rebellion, presumably initiated by people affiliated with the Knights of Jove, to attempt and wrest control of the Empire from the Wulfenbach hands of tyrany. The true professionals (other rebellion groups), noticing an opportunity to control Europa, rose up and walked into conflict with each other, creating the appropriate atmosphere that returned Europa to the Long War.

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