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Tinka is one of the Muses created by master spark van Rijn for the Storm King. She is a dancer, although she is currently in need of repairs.

Along with her sister Moxana, she traveled with Master Payne's Circus of Adventure, until she was taken by Tarvek to be a model for the clank body he built for his dying sister. The reverse-engineering process apparently damaged her significantly, although she was still able to walk and talk. Tarvek sends Tinka to get Agatha out of the dungeon cell (where Tinka quite ably demonstrates that van Rijn really knew how to build them ) and bring Agatha to him. This she does quite well, but in attempting to lead Agatha out of the castle she is ambushed and her head is cut off by some Geisterdamen, leaving her in even greater need of repairs.

She is presumed to still be in Sturmhalten, in an unknown state of functionality.

Possibly Relevant Outside InformationEdit

Among the Nine Muses of Greek mythology, Terpsichore was the Muse associated with dancing.

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