Mechanicsburg Town Council

Klaus's Council

Not as important as they appear, but still significant in an odd sort of way, the Mechanicsburg Town Council is first seen in a flashback . When Klaus visited Mechanicsburg to restore order after The Other's attack, the existing power structure in town (i.e., Carson von Mekkhan) found it expedient to keep a low profile and avoid calling attention to the way the town had been governing itself for all these many years.

Ardsley Wooster implies that one Burgermeister Zuken is the nominal big enchilada[1] in town, and presumably head of the Council. Old Carson's opinion[2] of this fellow is not high — but Carson has high standards with respect to the leadership of Mechanicsburg[3]

Klaus appointed the council, which now interfaces with him and his Empire while Carson and his grandson Van pull the strings from the sidelines, operating a shadow goverment with a coffee shop serving as shadow town hall (and proving ground for Agatha to prove herself The Heterodyne). It's all really quite a tidy little arrangement, though Klaus unsurprisingly indicates at one point that he has his suspicions.


  1. or possibly pierogi
  2. "that fool "
  3. Referring to Vanamonde: "This is the fool you want." Ibid.

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