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Summoning engine in action Edit

The summoning engine is also an example of transdimensional harmonics.

Bzzownt zweeeng. That was an upload.

Then Vrin prayed. The engine emitted a sound that looks like heterodyning. Are Trans dimensional Harmonics in play? Probably.

Zownpf. That was the download. Agatha is now owned by her mother, the Other.

People who support this theory: Rej, Mnenyver

Response to "Summoning engine in action"Edit

This theory may also supported by some twitters from Othar around the end of July, in which an old Tarvek appears use a similar method to send Othar's consciousness back in time to his own body.

Also the depiction of the transdimensional device in Theo's story, bears a quite similar appearance. Only the top dohicky is different. And even that is a tuning fork. --Rej

Meaning of Transdimension Harmonics Edit

I believe that it is merely a term meaning "electronics", as coined by a society that has not discovered Einsteinian Physics yet.

People who support this theory: Bosda Di'Chi

Other speculation Edit

  1. Geisterdamen/Mad
  2. Lady Vrin/Mad

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