"...I'm Spark enough to return the crown and repair its guardians."

- Trelawney Thorpe, speaking to Jolly Jack Tarr

A famous Spark and adventurer from England, who has many books written about her. Not unlike those of the Heterodyne Boys, they are apparently heavily embellished, but "these publishers are British"[1], whatever that may signify. Both fictionally and in actuality, she works for the Crown and wears the same service Badges as Ardsley Wooster does (post time-freeze). She also has a vaguely annoying sidekick (or minion), Jolly Jack Tarr, who may be rather less real than Miss Thorpe and mostly seems to be there for her to exposit at.

She also supposedly "knew" the Iron Sheik and had some sort of noteworthy adventure with a glass dirigible.

Her rogues gallery appears to include such figures as Professor LeMort (think lots and lots of zombie mooks) and Lord Ainsley Houndkicker. LeMort features in Trelawney Thorpe, Spark of the Realm in: The Crown of the Sleeping King, the adventure of hers that is part of the collected works of GG and can be found in full in the back of Agatha Heterodyne and the Airship City.

Unfortunately, this adventure no longer seems to be available on Cheyenne Wright's site.

The Works Edit


Trelawney Thorpe, as she appears in the card game The Works.

Trelawney Thorpe is included in the card game The Works where she is dressed in a green suit (matching the outfit in Cheyenne's comic) and clutches a seemingly sparky-built pot of tea. (Cf. Spark Roast.) Her epithets in the game are Hero, Legend, and Spark.

Since she is depicted in color and England is on the itinerary, there's a good chance Agatha will meet her in person.


  1. Gil is apparently a big fan.

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