Tybalt is a Knight of the Hunt. He is Martellus von Blitzengaard's second-in-command when Tweedle arrives at the Corbettite Depot Fortress at the head of an army in pursuit of both Agatha Heterodyne and Margarella Selnikov. Tybalt displays eager and enthusiastic loyalty to Tweedle, and is the one sent to officially ask for parley with the Corbettite Monks. He first appears to be a bog-standard human wearing a copy of Professor Eg's Nerve-Enhancing Armor, but when forced to shed the armor while rescuing Tweedle from the magnetic pull of the Beast, his true nature is revealed. He escapes the Beast by running away on his hind legs, carrying Tweedle under one arm.

Still in wolfman form, he later cheerfully serves as a waiter during Bang, Zeetha and Violetta's tea-party.

He expresses a preference for the color red, and when next seen, standing guard during the Queen of the Dawn's unexpected arrival in Paris, he is in human form and wearing a new suit of armor done up in that color. Which he sadly soon loses, as he and the other Knights switch to wolfman form to counter-attack a swarm of Geisters. He survives this battle, though when later seen at the new Master of Paris's wrap-up briefing, he has his arm in a cast and sling.