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  • Mnenyver

    Zeetha and Krosp

    August 8, 2009 by Mnenyver

    This is something that's been in the back of my mind for a while. I was prompted to put it down in words after happening across the Ferris Bueller = Tyler Durden theory. In short, the idea is that one can watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off as though Ferris himself were a figment of his straight-laced friend Cameron's imagination. Although this is not exactly what the filmmakers had in mind, I love that it really works as a new way to watch an old movie.

    In a similar fashion, I'd like to suggest that one can read Girl Genius as though Zeetha and Krosp are just facets of Agatha's personality. Although it would be funny to read it as though Agatha has a split personality or that she's mad, I just mean that by viewing Zeetha and Krosp as imaginary frie…

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  • Mnenyver

    Klaus's Guilt

    July 9, 2009 by Mnenyver

    Guilt is often a powerful motivator for heroic types. Batman, Spiderman, even Severus Snape. And Klaus Wulfenbach. Klaus is unwavering both in his devotion to his son's safety and to keeping the peace of Europa, and he doesn't go about it lightly. He works with a heavy heart, taking no joy in his successes, accepting no praise or titles or accolades (as far as we know). Klaus has apparently never had an interest in being recognized as a hero. He almost seems to shun these things. Deep-seated guilt is just one possible explanation for his character, but it seems the most likely. There are several possibilities for the source of his conflict.

    The Secret Blueprints tell a story about an accident involving three sparky Wulfenbach brothers but onl…

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  • Mnenyver

    Jägers and Beagles

    July 9, 2009 by Mnenyver

    I live with my own little floppy-eared Jäger, which has lead me to believe that one of the secret ingredients of Jägerbräu must be beagle brain. :P

    • Beagles are scent hounds. Dey hunt!
    • They are extremely loyal. If anyone they love goes missing (like to go the store or to work), they get frantic and cry. When you come back, life is perfect again.
    • Beagles iz fonny guyz! Dey is also differently schmot. Except when they want to be sneaky. (They are escape artists. If you want to contain a beagle, you need solid walls. And hope they don't chew their way through.)
    • They are alert to danger and will defend you. Mine warns me about people ringing the doorbell, squirrels on the fence, and unbalanced washing machines.
    • Beagles will eat anything, even bog for d…
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  • Mnenyver

    Klaus's Mistakes

    July 9, 2009 by Mnenyver

    Just moving my old user pages to blog posts. I like the format better.

    My first topic could get me banned from the KDL. Heh heh. Please don't kill me! He's still my favorite character, even before Agatha and Gil.

    In spite of the familiar motto, Klaus is occasionally wrong. I'm not talking about errors in judgement like kidnapping Agatha, or sending DuPree with Gil, or even killing Lars. I mean things that Klaus himself would admit were mistakes if they were pointed out to him.

    His first mistake is his biggest one. He never did get around to asking Agatha about the anomaly. In all the chaos that followed his exchange with Agatha, it must have slipped his mind. If he had asked her about it, he not only would have learned some intriguing things, h…

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