I live with my own little floppy-eared Jäger, which has lead me to believe that one of the secret ingredients of Jägerbräu must be beagle brain. :P

  • Beagles are scent hounds. Dey hunt!
  • They are extremely loyal. If anyone they love goes missing (like to go the store or to work), they get frantic and cry. When you come back, life is perfect again.
  • Beagles iz fonny guyz! Dey is also differently schmot. Except when they want to be sneaky. (They are escape artists. If you want to contain a beagle, you need solid walls. And hope they don't chew their way through.)
  • They are alert to danger and will defend you. Mine warns me about people ringing the doorbell, squirrels on the fence, and unbalanced washing machines.
  • Beagles will eat anything, even bog for dinner.

I was never a dog person, but I'll make an exception for this one. As our vet said, "Every day is a good day for a beagle." It is impossible to be unhappy, cranky, or sad when you live with one of these guys. I can see why, after owning a beagle, someone would feature one in a comic strip. (By the way, they really do do the Snoopy dance and make those "awr-rawr-rawr" noises!) Ours was a shelter rescue from an evil puppy farm. I highly recommend adopting one of these dogs if you ever get the chance.

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