Just moving my old user pages to blog posts. I like the format better.

My first topic could get me banned from the KDL. Heh heh. Please don't kill me! He's still my favorite character, even before Agatha and Gil.

In spite of the familiar motto, Klaus is occasionally wrong. I'm not talking about errors in judgement like kidnapping Agatha, or sending DuPree with Gil, or even killing Lars. I mean things that Klaus himself would admit were mistakes if they were pointed out to him.

His first mistake is his biggest one. He never did get around to asking Agatha about the anomaly. In all the chaos that followed his exchange with Agatha, it must have slipped his mind. If he had asked her about it, he not only would have learned some intriguing things, he and Agatha might have actually learned to communicate, which might have lead to him talking to her about the things DuPree saw. He might have worked with Agatha from the beginning, not treated her as the enemy, which would have prevented the whole later fiasco with Punch and Judy and everything that followed.

Second, he never asked Gil about Agatha's breakthrough, which took place on the Castle. (Although this may be Gil's mistake if Klaus didn't realize she broke through while on board.) If he had, he would have learned quite a bit of useful information about Agatha's character, and not be so inclined to think she's the source of all evil. He would also have learned about her encounter with Mr. Rovainen.

Lastly, it doesn't seem like he examined anything Agatha made while she was on board. The remaining (or remains of her) dingbots may have told him that her Spark followed her father's side, not her mother's. I'm half expecting this to be a future plot point, if Agatha's remaining message-bot is ever shown to him.

However, with the job Klaus has of pacifying all of Europa's insane sparks and all the precautions he has to take, I think he can be forgiven for a few slip-ups. Besides, if fictional characters didn't make the occasional error, it would make a pretty boring story, wouldn't it?

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