So... about that Mad: or /Mad thing... I'm rereading some of the discussions from the time (I've obviously been away, as noted in the previous blog post... from a year ago...) and I'm not even sure what all I was thinking then. Clearly one way you'd think using the Mad: namespace would work as an alternative to Talk: or a comments section (I don't think comments were an available feature when we started this). Anyway, /Mad as a place for hypothetical connections is ... here.

So... User:Rej Maddog did a bunch of work on templates that Wikia is now asking me to identify the types for... anyway... one of them was for Mad/Preload, that was intended to start off a new /Mad page right. He never really put it anywhere, though. Ideally it would go in the Has-Mad template, but I'm not sure how to add &preload=Mad_page to the link only when action=edit is also there. There's probably a way. For now, following the instructions here: w:c:community:Help:Preloaded_templates I've copied and improved that template, and then included a createbox for it in Category:Mad and the "reload with this preload template" link in the new article instructions MediaWiki:Newarticletext (however, on my browser, I have to work to see this link, clicking more+ and scrolling down).

It would be super awesome if Mad page could be a choice along with Standard and Blank when creating new articles, but I'm not seeing how to do that (at least without Wikia staff support —as was the case with creating the Mad: namespace).

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