When did we start this thing? Eight years ago? Wow. Of course, I've been in an artificial interstellar space for most of those. And they've changed things around.

Anyway, thinking about the novelizations. And stuff. But started this blog post because I forget where my sandbox is, and wanted to save this off. This was going to be an edit to Delta Prose: Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess.

Differences Between Prose and Comic Versions of the Story

What the Professors Foglio have done with Girl Genius is very likely unique. They first made a graphic version of the story and then produced a prose version of the story. With respect to prose and graphic novels, this process is usually reversed with one author producing a prose version of a story, and then someone else later using the work to produce a comic book.

With respect to prose and cinema, it can go either way. Popular (or otherwise interesting) books can be made into movies, but popular movies are also made into books, for example The Empire Strikes Back novelization. Novelizations contain details that not included in the film. This situation is the same with the novelization of the Girl Genius comics.

Usually, any differences between the prose version of a story can be construed as just another version with minor or major deviations from the original. The reason for this is that the author of the prose version of a yarn has never been known to produce a graphic version or the reverse. This is a unique situation and it remains to be seen if the differences are accidental oversights, or are purposeful deviations along another timeline.

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List of Differences

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