"I think we should honeymoon in Venice, don't you? It's so lovely this time of year." Tarvek Sturmvoraus

Venice is an Italian city which recently sunk .

History Edit

Venezia arms

Arms of Venice

Italy 1000 AD

Italy, ca. 1000, our timeline, but showing Venetian coastal holdings

Venice (also Venezia, Venesia or Venexia) in the northwesternmost bend of the Adriatic Sea has long been regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Its spread over dozens of small islands provides a vista of unique architecture and bridges, and boat-based transit over its watery "roads".

Although the city and region take their name from the ancient tribe of Veneti, the settlement of Venice originated with late-period Roman refugees, fleeing the "barbarian" invasions of Rome. This did not keep them safe, as the community was attacked by Attila, then later by the Lombards (Langobards) who had also taken Milan. This diminution of the authority of the Eastern Roman Empire (at least in our timeline) in the 500-700s left Venice increasingly independent.

From the ninth to the twelfth century Venice developed into a thalassocracy; due to its strategic position at the head of the Adriatic and its huge navy, Venetian naval power was almost invulnerable. It also became a commercial powerhouse as a flourishing trade center between Western Europe and the rest of the world, especially the Byzantine Empire and the Islamic world, with the Silk Road leading right to its collective door.[1]

Provinces of Veneto map

Provinces of Veneto

What influence House Heterodyne might have had on Venice is hard to tell -- although they undoubtedly exerted influences due to proximity, Venice's characteristic of independence and its usefulness as a trade partner may have promoted a hands-off policy. However, this did not keep it from being included within the bounds of the Wulfenbach empire, as is the territory inland from the formerly Venetian-controlled coast all the way to Belgrade and Budapest [2]. This implies a Wulfenbach "wet navy" as well as the obvious air power. According to Sanaa Wilhelm, Venice has sunk into the sea.


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