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The Vienna 707 was a "walking gunboat" in the service of Duke D'Omas, and may or may not actually have anything to do with the city. It was crewed by Moloch von Zinzer and his brothers.

When the Duke was put down by Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, the von Zinzers tried to walk the gunboat to Paris. Unfortunately, they met a Wulfenbach patrol (led by Bangladesh DuPree) while crossing a section of wasteland. In her typical style,[1] Bang didn't even give the gun-boat a chance to surrender[2] before she attacked it. Only a few individuals, including Moloch and Omar, managed to escape the flaming wreckage.

In The Future, Agatha apparently has some interest in seeing who else survived.

The Vienna 707 was armed with several cannons, although whether these were death ray weapons or conventional projectile artillery has yet to be determined. It had a figurehead.


  1. "Some ... really need burning, you know?"
  2. "A maniac"

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