Incompetent? I think not...

Violetta describes herself as being "awful" as a Smoke Knight, but as we've seen , she's got some impressive skills. Notice also that she doesn't fall under the spell of Lucrezia, meaning that she's not under Slaver wasp control (or whatever is used to control the many inhabitants of Sturmhalten). Vi has stated that Tarvek "did something" to her at some point that makes her immune to the Other's control; this might make her useless for Smoke Knight work (at least, 'useless' in the minds of the Smoke Knight leadership). She seems pretty useFUL to Agatha. Following their encounter in The Refuge of Storms, Tweedle angrily notes that Vi's skills have improved since their previous interactions, indicating perhaps that being around Agatha has boosted Vi to a true Smoke Knight level of competence.

People who support this theory: CaptMorgan

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