This article is about a member of House Heterodyne. For others in the lineage or other uses, see Heterodyne (disambiguation).

It is said that most Sparks inevitably feel some primal urge to Create a Man, and dabble in Things Man Was Not Meant to know. Heterodynes have not been immune to this—even the Heterodyne Boys built Punch and Judy. Vlad "The Blasphemous" Heterodyne took this obsession further than most.

His most memorable achievement was the creation of the Jägerbräu[1][2], the potion that transforms ordinary men into inhumanly strong, fast, durable, and courageous warrior-constructs we all know and love as Jägermonsters. Judging from the way that people talk about the Jägers, this must have happened a long time ago, because the Jägers have become as much an icon of the Heterodynes as the trilobite.

Judging from his "official portrait," Vlad was a madman who practiced what he preached—and clearly preached a particularly radical form of applied biology. Note the octopus tentacle for an arm and the snail-like trail emerging underneath his robe. It’s always good to see a scientist who believes in transcending the rigid social divide between Spark and Construct, by any means necessary.


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