A waffle is a type of cake, made from a batter or dough, cooked in a waffle iron, an appliance whose core consists of hinged metal plates that impress a (typically) honeycomb pattern on the cake whilst it is baked.

The Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, the greatly esteemed and well-beloved (is he still listening?) tyrant of Europa, is said by his son to have a love of waffles.  As traditional waffle-making areas are outside the Wulfenbach Empire, this suggests that the Baron traveled widely in his youth.

Jiminez Hoffmann likes them too .

There is a Haus of Waffles in Mechanicsburg.

Some Othars have been occasioned by waffles and suffered epiphany.

The master-Spark Van Rijn included a heavily-encoded top-secret waffle recipe in his notebook.

Speculation Edit

In this painting  a disguised Klaus Wulfenbach furthering his love of waffles can be seen in the lower left-hand corner. In the upper portion just right of the center is a building that looks very much like the Haus of Waffles.

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