Walkoid is a card in The Works. The details are Elaborate and Machine.

The Walkoid is a spherical vehicle on legs, large enough for a human pilot to control. The bottom half of the sphere is labeled WALKOID; the top half is transparent. As depicted, the pilot is a bearded man in a light blue shirt and top hat with lavender accents (tie, suspenders, hat band and brim). In addition to the legs, there is also an antenna protruding from the top, so that the overall shape is similar to Queenie.

The card's Instruction has the player rotating all Machines in play.

We haven't seen a device quite like Walkoid, although there were some similar ones among those fighting in the Siege of Mechanicsburg.[citation needed] Given the instructions, perhaps the most similar device seen so far is the one piloted by Count Wolkerstorfer.

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