The Knights of the Hunt are a troop of elite soldiers loyal to Martellus von Blitzengaard. They serve him in addition to his Smoke Knights and seem to be of equal status to them. Possible other members of the Valois or von Blitzengaard clans also have their own Knights of the Hunt, but they have only been mentioned in connection with Martellus so far in the comic. All Knights of the Hunt have the ability to shapeshift into a humanoid wolf-like or Sparkhound-like form.

Armor and the Wolf ManEdit

So far, it is not entirely clear what gives the Knight their metamorphic ability. Since it was mentioned upon their first appearance in the comic that they were all wearing Dr. Eg's Nerve-Enhancing Armor, it has been speculated that wearing this allows the Knights to maintain their human form and they change when and only when they remove it, but this has not been definitely established in the comic. It is clear that the Knight must remove their armor when they change into lupoid form, but this may just be because their armor simply doesn't fit anymore. They can change on the command of Martellus, but so far we have not seen any of the Knights change on their own initiative. Whether these Knights started out as ordinary people who have been Sparkily enhanced or are constructs created by Martellus (or some other Spark) also is not certain.

The Comic Edit

The Knights first appear when greeting Martellus as the Storm King as he disembarks from his airship when invading paying a visit of state to the Corbettite Depot Fortress of St. Szpac. At this point, the Knights seem to be serving as a cavalry unit under the command of Tybalt. They all wear white armor and salute with their sword tips pointed at the ground. They also ride very peculiar horses for which we do not yet have a name. There is a very strong temptation to refer to these constructs as "half-tracks" but it is being resisted with steady resolve.

Tybalt seems to accompany Martellus during his journey to Paris with Agatha, but we don't see the rest of the Knights again until the night of Grandmother and Seffie's costume party, after the Geisterdamen attack.

A cadre of the Knights are later sent in armorless wolf-form along with Jaron to kill Tarvek while the latter man is traveling to England via airship.

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