Woger is a covert agent in the employ of Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, once the latter assumes the title of Baron. He is by all appearances a unaltered human male, although his assigned partner is the (very) diminutive Susa. They are assigned their missions by Gil's spy-mistress Oglavia Spüdna.

Returning from one such mission, they give a report to Gil on their witnessing the Revenant infestation of the remote town of Hraggel's Point via the use of new miniature Hive Engines created by one Count Harken Maganox. Fortunately the duo had previously been given a dose of anti-Revenant formula by Gil, allowing them to escape the scene with a confiscated Engine. Woger's arm is damaged by a pack of Revenants in the process of this, adding to his collection of scars; Gil patches him up while hearing his report.

To date this scene is the only appearance of him and Susa in the strip.