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The Wulfenbach Sentinel is a very specialized subtype of Wulfenbach clank apparently created to keep people out of the Wulfenbach restricted zone and to keep a look out for Agatha and to report back to Gil if she is found. There are many of these clanks patrolling the Wulfenbach restricted zone around Mechanicsburg.

A peculiarity of these clanks compared to most of the others we have seen so far is that they all seem to be identical to each other, not showing the individual variation that seems to be one of the hallmarks of work created by Sparks. Also, unlike standard-series Wulfenbach battle clanks, their armaments are integrated into their forearms instead of being discrete pieces of hardware held in the hands.

The name Wulfenbach Sentinel is given by Ishtvan to Tweedle.

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