The Wulfenbach Time Tunnelling Team is a group of scientists, engineers and sparks loyal to House Wulfenbach who are currently exploring the City of Mechanicsburg, frozen in time after Klaus set off his Take-Five Bomb. Only some of them have been named in the story to date, so this article uses plug names to define them. If and when their names are revealed in the story the plug names will changed to match the names of the characters.

Gilgamesh Wulfenbach originally sets up the project as part of his obsessive effort to recover Agatha Heterodyne and others who are dear to him from the time-bubble. As part of this effort, the team has identified one Monsieur Peter Barbiaux on the streets of Mechanicsburg and are using his dropped cup to gauge the passage of time in the now frozen city. More ambitiously, they have been extracting non-sentient test-subjects from the time-bubble, building to a successful extraction of the highly-expendable Captain Vole, at the cost of aging the Jager several hundred years in the process.

Agatha's reappearance outside the bubble coincides with Gil's learning that the bubble has attracted the unwanted attention of a Hideous Extradimensional Being. Castle Heterodyne's announcement that Something Must Be Done within two years will no doubt keep the team busy for the foreseeable future.

Frau Doktor Scantrontb Edit


A scientist who has specialized in researching time and time travel. She seems to be the chief scientist of this operation. Her name was revealed in Act 2 Vol 01 Page 061 to be Scantronbt.

Tarboosh Edit


This is the name assigned to an unknown scientist working with the Time Tunnellers. He has his back to the audience and is wearing a red tarboosh on his head. There also appears to be someone portrayed in a CRT in front of him who appears to be wearing the same sort of suits that Gil and Higgs wore when they went into the time tunnel machine.

HR Guy Edit


This is the man who raised objections to the mission by Gil, saying that his people were too much at risk.

Goggles Edit


This is the man who affirmed that they had found whomever Gil wanted found right where Gil thought he would be.

Tube Tech Edit


This guy is standing on top of the time tunneling machine changing a burned out tube, and only stares at Gil.

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