We have met many of the Barons staff in passing w/o proper introductions (i.e. we don't have canonical names for them. Here is where we can list them until such time as they are further introduced. Some have already been given pages and appear under Category:Wulfenbach minions


Miscellaneous MinionsEdit

In the table below meet some of the many new faces we have seen. Due to the secretiveness of the authors the names below unlikely to be the canonical names. These are just how they have been designated (temporarily) by the creative crew here at the wikia. If you learn more come here and fill in the entries.

General Confusion1

Met the castle and called a retreat.



Notices that others are having it worse than him. What is the word for that?



Prepare for impact.


UMO: Unidentified Marching Object

Shopping the streets of Mechanicsburg for something to eat. Victims of urban renewal.


Punching Mecha

Punching_Mecha were guided into an alley then made thinner, much thinner.



Phlogiston Powered Mantigoon of Prof. Wubertus Ponglenoze. Good for scrap parts particularly the energy regulator.


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