Strong willed Granddaughter of a man who rode with Jagers and Never. Lost. A. Fight. And the woman who took him away from all that. Not afraid to hit a man who can beat a Jaeger without trying with expensive deli meats if he won't give her a straight answer.

She is one of the people in the comic with a star on her face.

Romance? Edit

It may be that Zeuxippe is attracted to Maxim. In the last panel on this page , Maxim is walking away from Old Man Death's shop, and in his hand is a note, reading Call me, and signed with the letter Z, probably Zeuxippe. A fan was inspired by this possibility to make her one of the stars in the non-canon Jaegermonstern Dating Guide comic.

Possibly relevant outside information Edit

Kaja Foglio had a cat named Zeuxippe.

The name also appears several times in Greek mythology.

'ZEUXIPPE' (Zevtfinr-n). 1. A sister of Pa-sithea or Praxithea, was a Naiad and married to Pandion, by whom she became the mother of Procne, Philomela, Erechtheus and Butes. Who they are in Grecian mythology is long and complicated.