Setting, more or less, of the "Revenge of the Weasel Queen" radio play, seen in the distance here . In this particular case the action is outside town, and the wandering monsters are the Good Guys -- more or less. The townsfolk of Zoggletonk have summoned none other than Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer to rid them of their latest oppressor, the Evil Weasel Queen Ferretina, who's exacting a monthly tribute of the town in the form of suitably packaged Y chromosomes. This, it is hoped, will interrupt the messy practice of townsfolk being carried off and presumably devoured by giant, carnivorous rabbits called Lapinemoths. To be sure, there's nothing new about townsfolk here being carried off and presumably devoured; Zoggletonk has had problems with "zombie warriors, giant insects, hideous extra-terrestrial intelligences from Herr Klopman's Well," and so on . However, enough monsterish carnage is enough.

Townsman Jorf Oxclonker attracts the attention of the intrepid adventurers as he is being menaced by lapinemoths, which of course are summarily dispatched, leaving the unconscious Herr Oxclonker and a scantily (if oddly) dressed young woman as witnesses. Othar gallantly offers to escort this chick back to her digs, which isn't exactly what the townsfolk had in mind, as when Jorf wakes up, he explains that she is Ferretina, the Evil Weasel Queen. This gives Zeetha, Agatha and Krosp a certain degree of consternation ... and it also gives Agatha an idea ...

Stay tuned for more fun and games, and more radio plays, set around Zoggletonk. The last shoe surely hasn't dropped here.

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