Zogok is a Tweedle-bred alpha sparkhound and pack leader assigned to patrol the wintry forest landscape outside The Refuge of Storms on the day when Agatha makes her escape from that structure. He is distinguished from his fellows by a metal collar/chained plate he wears around his neck.

He looks to his human houndmaster who he calls Ishtvan Drynose for some of his leadership but ultimately follows his own initiative, taking the pack off in pursuit of Agatha and Co's flying sleigh when it is seen coming in for an semi-involuntary landing nearby, just as Tweedle announces his return to the Refuge via hunting-horn.

He and his pack show a great deal of enthusiasm for this chase, especially since Krosp is on board the sleigh.

There is a good chance that Zogok dies or is at least thoroughly gummed-up in the resulting battle(s) with Gilgamesh Wulfenbach's forces, but there is no direct evidence of this.