Zoing is an arthropodal construct who was Gilgamesh Wulfenbach's spark breakout project at a prodigious eight years old. He helps out in the lab and, apparently, makes most of the tea.[1] (A job he seems to share with Wooster.) He's also Gil's friend and shows interest in his love life.[2]

He's entirely competent enough for Gil to have set him to watch over his restorative work on Adam and Lilith[3] and warn him when alarms went off.

He greatly fears The Goldfish[4], for no very obvious reason.

Zoing possesses (or at least operates) a clank that Gil built during his early puberty, when Gil was still hazy on the whole concept of "picking up girls". He uses it to restrain Bangladesh DuPree while Gil attempts to concoct an anti-wasp formula that Tarvek provided.[5]

Post time-skip Zoing has yet to appear by Gilgamesh's side, or be mentioned.


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